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Portable Lifeline System

The Rapid Rail International Portable Vertical Lifeline system is ideal for multiple climbs of an infrequently climbed structure, such as restringing a transmission line. It has been designed to be lightweight, quick to install and importantly utilises a zero-stretch rope rather than traditional kernmantle which can stretch in excess of 10% in a fall situation. As with other Rapid Rail International vertical systems the portable product utilises the S-Flo rope grab which seamlessly passes intermediate brackets providing a virtual free climb and descent.

  • Maximum 2ft fall distance
  • Virtual free climb
  • Lightweight, zero stretch rope

How The Portable Lifeline Systems Works

The Rapid Rail International Portable Lifeline System is designed for use when infrequently climbed structures are climbed frequently, such as restringing a transmission line. The system requires a top anchor point (supplied) to be fitted and then “quick fit” intermediate brackets located at intervals between the top and bottom brackets. The S-Flo rope grab device attached to the climbers harness then passes the intermediate brackets seamlessly, as with the permanent VCS2 system, providing a virtual free climb.

At the heart of the system is our innovative zero stretch rope, a highly sophisticated synthetic product unique to the industry that is extremely lightweight and stretch resistant unlike traditional kernmantle rope which can stretch in excess of 10% in a fall arrest situation. It is supplied on a reel for easy portability and storage. The 50m (165ft) version has a combined weight of less than 10kg (22lbs).

Portable Verticle Lifeline System Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Tope bracket can remain for future climbs
  • Zero stretch rope
  • Virtual free climb
  • Reduced climb and descent time 
  • Complies with relevant international safety standards

Applications for Portable Lifeline Systems

  • Electrical Utility Transmission Structures
  • Wind Energy
  • Tower Cranes
  • Industrial Ladders

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