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Fixed Ladder Fall Arrest System

The Rapid Rail International vertical lifeline system for permanently installed ladders provides safe ascent and descent of industrial ladders. The wire rope based fall arrest system can be fitted to new or existing ladders and is uniquely engineered to protect the worker in the event of a fall, whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the ladder.

  • 100% tie off at all times while climbing and descending
  • Maximum 2ft fall distance
  • Compatible with most fixed industrial ladders

How The RRI Fixed Ladder Vertical Lifeline Works

The Rapid Rail International Ladder System is a cable-based fall arrest solution for permanently installed industrial ladders. Our system allows safe ascent and descent of ladders providing a virtual free climb and ensures that any fall is arrested within 2ft, reducing the potential of injuries. Uniquely the top bracket is designed to distribute fall arrest forces to the outside of the ladder as compared to competitor to systems where the fall arrest forces are through the centre of the rungs, typically the weakest part of a ladder.

Permanently Installed Ladder System Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Simple training for inspection and use of the VCS system
  • Robust design using corrosion resistant material suitable for use in most environments
  • Industry unique 20-year warranty 
  • Reduced climb and descent time 
  • Complies with relevant international safety standards
  • Bespoke solutions available

Applications for Permanently Installed Ladder Systems

  • Wind Turbines
  • Telecomunications
  • Tower Cranes
  • Industrial Ladders
  • Outdoor Advertising

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