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S-Flo Rope Grab

The uniquely designed and patented S-Flo is intrinsically linked to all Rapid Rail International vertical lifeline systems. Exclusively for use with our vertical lifeline systems, the S-Flo with its patented integrated energy absorber allows for continuous movement either up or down the wire rope, seamlessly passing the intermediate guide brackets without the need to remove the device at any point, providing a virtual free climb.

  • Virtual free climb
  • Maximum 2ft fall distance
  • Zero maintenance, only requires a simple pre use visual check

How The S-Flo Works

The key feature of the S-Flo is its ability to freely pass through intermediate brackets thus allowing the user a virtual free-climb experience. As you might expect, there are no moving parts to fail. It is necessary to control fall arrest forces and the S-Flo device utilises a unique force limiter (shock absorber) that avoids the limitations of commonly used webbing based products. Having listened to climbers feedback about using the usual webbing shock absorbers our engineers designed and patented a unique solid-state, no maintenance force limiter manufactured entirely from stainless steel. A short webbing strop can be used between the S-Flo and harness to facilitate cut rescue requirements. 

S-Flo Rope Grab Features

  • Compatible with all Rapid Rail International vertical lifeline systems
  • Passes intermediate cable guides seamlessly giving a virtual free climb
  • Robust design using stainless steel suitable for use in most environments
  • The S-Flo gives a maximum 2ft fall distance
  • Loads generated in a fall are absorbed by the S-Flo’s integrated shock absorber
  • Fall indicator allows for simple visual inspection 
  • Reduced climb and descent time increases productivity and reducing fatigue
  • The S-Flo can be attached or removed at any point in the system
  • Minimal maintenance, only requires a simple pre use check  
  • Complies with relevant international safety standards

Applications for The S-Flo

Electrical transmission and distribution


Wind Energy

Industrial ladders

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